You’re Not the Boss of Me!

Thriving in Spite of the Narcissist in Your Life

You’re Not the Boss of Me!
You’re Not the Boss of Me!
What you'll learn
  • Recognize the signs of narcissism and its influence on relationships.
  • Listen to internal messages attached to emotions like fear, anger, and shame for the purpose of acting upon those emotions in a self-preserving manner.
  • Maintain dignity and self-respect even when a controller communicates the opposite.
  • Identify false guilt as a motivator, becoming anchored instead in behavior and communication that indicates confidence.
  • Disengage from circular, non-productive arguments.
  • Address personal needs firmly without being drawn into unnecessary debates.
  • Choose involvement in relationships that are mutually rewarding.
  • Communicate with calmness even when the narcissist disapproves of your preferences.
  • Respond to unreasonable demands with appropriate assertiveness.
  • Find freedom in self-expression.
  • Distinguish between unhealthy appeasement and healthy coordination.
  • Think objectively about who you are as opposed to filtering your self-talk through the narcissist’s impossible agenda.



  • Since this course strongly emphasizes self-awareness and choice, you will first need to be honest regarding your willingness to be unduly influenced by one who will gladly tell you how to live and feel.
  • Recognizing how you habitually contribute to an unhealthy relationship, you can become primed to adjust your thoughts about who you are and you will be inspired to make behavioral adjustments that will become foundational to you becoming a healthy you.

Even when a narcissistic person is strong-willed and coercive toward you, it is still possible for you to respond with firmness and confidence. You need not collapse into feelings of defeat and tension. This course will provide the necessary strategies that will allow you to live with:

  • Self-respect over insecurity
  • Self-trust over fear
  • Assertiveness over suppression
  • and Equality over inferiority

You CAN be at your best despite the narcissist’s efforts to keep you down.

No one likes being manipulated and dismissed. Instead we prefer freedom to be who we are meant to be. This course will offer clear instruction so you can find strength to make choices consistent with your free-will instead of feeling like you are duty-bound to conform to a narcissist’s agenda. You will be challenged to rethink your self-defeating responses to the narcissist, acting instead upon clearly identified alternatives of behavior, communication, and attitude.

Living with a narcissist can prompt you to question your own sanity since you know that your preferred choices will be persistently squashed. But if you want to live a life consistent with your truth, and if you want to maintain self-respect, this course will give you the tools to stand up cleanly for your dignity. You will receive clear behavioral directives to help you break free from reactions that keep you feeling chronically inhibited.

Who this course is for:
  • If you have been controlled and invalidated by a significant other, leaving you feeling emotionally wrung out or powerless, this course will set you onto the path toward personal empowerment.





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Thriving in Spite of the Narcissist in Your Life