Windows 10: How to Setup a New PC

Speed up your Windows 10 expertise to the next level

Windows 10: How to Setup a New PC
Windows 10: How to Setup a New PC
What you'll learn
  • Professional like PC customization, Troubleshoot and Maintenance
  • Introducing new Windows Start Screen, User Interface and Windows Settings App
  • Connect to the Network, Homegroup and Sharing files & folders
  • Install essential Device Drivers, Software apps and set your Default Programs
  • Manage built-in very strong Security Center, Windows Update and protect PC from any threats
  • Configure File History, System Restore and Recovery plan to avoid disaster
  • Explore Taskbar, Task Manager and Microsoft’s free cloud storage OneDrive on the go
  • Learn many time saving tips, tricks and keyboard shortcuts





  • You should have a PC with Windows 10 installed
  • No prior experience or special requirement is needed

This course is about setting up a new Windows 10 PC. It may be a brand new Windows 10 PC, or Upgraded from current Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10, or just a fresh copy of Windows 10. 

This course will guide you through an effective way that all the IT professionals do with a new PC. More than 1 hour and 28 lectures will teach you to setup your new Windows 10 PC ready to work. 

From any Windows enthusiast to new Windows PC users, or who have recently switched to Windows PC from other OS can take this course. It will help to configure Windows PC according to your own needs. 

After completing this course, it will save a lot of time in the future. Happy learning!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn exploring new Windows 10 PC
  • Anyone who installed a fresh copy of Windows 10
  • Anyone who have upgraded to Windows 10 Operating System
  • Anyone who switched from another platform to Windows 10 OS

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Speed up your Windows 10 expertise to the next level