The Social Agent: Social Media for Real Estate

Real Estate system for generating leads through social media marketing, primarily FaceBook

The Social Agent: Social Media for Real Estate
The Social Agent: Social Media for Real Estate
What you'll learn
  • Execute campaigns to target key areas and ideal home buyers/sellers
  • Generate leads successfully and efficiently through social media marketing
  • Develop and execute a social media marketing strategy specifically for the Real Estate Industry
  • Design, build and execute a Facebook Marketing Campaign
  • Create high quality graphics for all social media accounts and email marketing
  • Create, access and launch a sponsored YouTube video advertisement
  • Gain crucial insights and statistics of your Facebook audience
  • Maintain and grow organic exposure for Facebook Business page
  • Efficiently navigate and use the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard and platform
  • Understand Facebook marketing nuances and how to implement those into your Real Estate social media marketing
  • Develop an ad copy strategy with proven elements and verbiage for the Real Estate industry
  • Quickly and efficiently post relevant material that your fans will love
  • Navigate YouTube's campaign dashboard through Google Analytics
  • Understand the key differences in types of YouTube sponsored ads to determine the best for you and your area
  • Create and design a professional Facebook Business page that adheres to Facebook guidelines
  • Significantly increase traffic to your Real Estate website by funneling your social media audience





  • Basic understanding of using Facebook
  • Computer and internet
  • Familiarity with Real Estate Industry terms
  • Willingness and ability to implement some changes/updates in your marketing techniques!

Are you a real estate professional in need of a fuller pipe-line? Do you know you need social media and social media marketing but not a clue where to even begin!? Do you have a FaceBook business page, but it's just not producing any results and feels like a waste of time? Well, good news! The Social Agent e-course is designed for real estate professionals just like you! From beginner to advanced, the mission of this e-course is to set you up for ultimate social media marketing success. Which means, you don't even need to have a Facebook business page to start! If you're thinking, "I already have a business FaceBook page and have tried marketing before, this course isn't for me", then think again! The advanced units of this e-course will teach you how to master ad copy for real estate posts with proven techniques, easy tools for graphic design so your posts are unique, ads manager reporting to ensure your marketing as the highest ROI and so much more! This e-course has proven methods and tips specifically for real estate professionals! Those other courses are blanketed for every industry... But shouldn't you learn exactly what you need to be successful in YOUR specific industry? Social media isn't going anywhere... The Social Agent e-course will be one of the best, long-lasting investments you'll make in your real estate career!

**For students outside the US: Please note this course was filmed in the US and some lingo may be different for your country. For example, if your country does not use MLS (Multiple Listing Service), then please substitute for your country's listing service. Otherwise, all strategies and information can be applied globally!

Who this course is for:
  • This e-course is best suited for real estate professionals that: have an online marketing budget, have used FaceBook before but don't yet have a business Facebook page, or have a business Facebook page but want to either start marketing or improve their efforts, a team or individual agent, and agents proficient with a computer and have access to the Internet.
  • This e-course is not for: students that have never used Facebook before.
  • Please note: this course is very heavy focused on Facebook and YouTube advertising and content build. Reasons why other platforms are not necessary for Real Estate agents are discussed in this e-course.
  • This e-course is not for: students that are not currently or looking to practice Real Estate




The Social Agent: Social Media for Real Estate udemy courses free download

Real Estate system for generating leads through social media marketing, primarily FaceBook

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