SNIP: Structured Data Plugin for WordPress Free Download

Snip is an innovative structured data plugin for WordPress that adds JSON+LD formatted snippets to your website. This is needed to help search...

SNIP: Structured Data Plugin for WordPress Free Download
SNIP: Structured Data Plugin for WordPress

SNIP: Structured Data Plugin for WordPress Free Download udemy course free download:

About snip – the Structured Data & Schema Plugin for WordPress

snip is an innovative Structured Data and Schema plugin for WordPress that creates Rich Snippets and Rich Search Results. Structured Data is needed to help search engines understand the content on your page and give them explicit clues about the meaning of it. A nice side-effect is that you cat eye-catching search results on Google, Yandex, Bing and Co.

Rich Snippets are also called “Rich Search Results”. Those search results (SERPS) sometimes show stars, images and a lot more. Not only will this push your click-through rate, structured data is also a ranking factor of all major search engines and using it should give your WordPress site a major SEO boost, too.

True Lifetime Updates! No subscription! No yearly fee! Since 2012!

Automate structured data markup

Structured data in WordPress is a technical topic. Good that you only need to set up one schema and then automate it. I called this feature “Global” snippets. Quite handy are the schema templates that, once configured, can be played out on all your posts. You decide exactly where. You just define some rules and that’s it. All done!


SNIP has extensive schema documentation to help you get started. The documentation has been growing permanently for 8 years now. There is almost no question that has not yet been answered. My documentation can help you regardless of your skill level. If you are completely new, the free Structured Data Course is guaranteed to help.


No question: Structured data helps to rank better with search engines. It’s because of those little snippets of code that tell search engines exactly what kind of content they’ll find on your site. This way, they can better understand that content. Certain Structured Data snippets are displayed on search results pages as Rich Search results, a different way of displaying your content on the search engine results page (SERP).

Increase in Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

There are millions of hits for a particular search. Everyone would like the user to click on their own search hit. This can be done by displaying it differently. Yes! This actually works. And that is through schemas, which are inserted as structured data, in WordPress. Some of them create so called Rich Snippets and Rich Search Results. The search results then look “different”, for example they are bigger, contain an image, a star rating or other data like prices and availability of a product.

Believe me! You want to have this! You’re guaranteed to outrank your competitor!

Add Custom Fields (for schema properties)

The built-in and world’s first Structured Data Generator allows you to configure everything the way you want it. Of course, you want to automate as much as possible. And that’s doable, too. So called “field types” fill properties of schemas automatically and practically differently for each article. You can load data from WooCommerce as well as any data from WordPress’ Postmeta database. You have created fields with Advanced Custom Fields? For the most part, SNIP can also read these automatically and insert them into a schema.

Highly Optimized

I value speed very much. SNIP does not load CSS, JavaScript, images or anything else in the frontend. Structured data is only inserted where it is really necessary. Furthermore, these small text snippets are only readable by search engines. This means that the browser does not have to read and display them either. There is virtually no loss of speed. Even on the server, SNIP is very resource-efficient. Only the PHP files that are really needed are loaded. Ultimately, only on the settings pages of SNIP.

*Important notes

  • Please read the requirements carefully before you buy.
  • Note that there is still no guarantee if and when that Rich Snippets show up in your search results. Read more about that in our FAQ: When do snippets show up on search results?

Structured data news

Read the latest news about structured data

Awesome fact in February ‘21 New Structured Data type: License for Images

Google announced to no longer deprecate the Structured Data Test Tool. Wohoo!

Awesome fact in February ‘20 New Structured Data type: License for Images

A new Structured Data is currently in Beta from Google: Image License Metadata.

Awesome fact in June ‘20 Google is retiring their Structured Data Test Tool

The Test Tools is no longer in active development. Instead the Rich Results Test Tool is now the best way to test your Structured Data.

Awesome fact in February ‘19: Get “Position Zero” on Search Results

Last week I’ve found a nice blog post from iThemes where Kevin D. Hendricks used the term “Position Zero” for search results. And Rich Snippets play a big role in this. Read more

Awesome fact in February ‘19

Google is testing Event Rich Snippets on Desktop.

Awesome fact in January ‘19

Google has a new “Rich Media” Tool

Awesome fact in December ‘18

Q&A Rich Snippets arrived in Googles Search Results

Awesome fact in September ‘18

Bing has announced, that their Webmaster Tools now has a JSON+LD tool that allows everyone to check if the structured data, that has been included on a site, has a valid syntax.

Awesome fact in May ‘18

Last month SearchEngineJournal wrote about the fact that structured data can improve targeting. And the coolest thing is that Google confirmed it! Here are some more facts

Awesome fact from Nov. ‘17

From a research paper put together with the team at WordLift, presented at SEMANTiCS 2017, TorqueMag documented that structured data is compelling from the digital marketing standpoint.

For the design-focused website, after three months of using structured data and Rich Snippets on their WordPress website they saw the following improvements:

  • +12.13% new users
  • +18.47% increase in organic traffic
  • +2.4 times increase in page views
  • +13.75% of sessions duration.

Isn’t it awesome? You can do it, too! With this plugin.

Changelog and Roadmap

  • 2.28.1 (Oct. 29, 2021)
    • Fix: Rows did not sort correctly.
  • 2.28.0 (Oct. 19, 2021)
    • New: Show count of schemas in the post list.
    • Fix: Caching was active after initial activation of the plugin even the checkbox on the settings page was turned OFF.
    • Fix: Settings with a default value of true (checkbox ON) were not stored correctly if they were unchecked.
    • Updated language translation.
  • 2.27.0 (Oct. 13, 2021)
    • New filter: wpbuddy/rich_snippets/rule/query
  • 2.26.0 (Sept. 9, 2021)
    • New: Allow to fetch data from blocks. Read more about it here.
  • 2.25.7 (Aug. 4, 2021)
    • Fix: Added missing JS file.
  • 2.25.6 (Aug. 4, 2021)
    • [PRO] Fix: Make sure that post meta values are returned as an array correctly
    • [PRO] Improvement: Load JS files from disk instead of the API.
  • 2.25.5 (July 9, 2021)
    • Fix [PRO]: ACF fields did not fill correctly if there were sub-schemas included that runs through a loop.
  • 2.25.4 (July 9, 2021)
    • Fix [PRO]: Post meta field was not selectable in some cases.
    • Fix [PRO]: Post meta value did not return arrays correctly.
  • 2.25.3 (June 15, 2021)
    • Fix [PRO]: ACF fields did not retrieve correct values on taxonomy pages.
  • 2.25.2 (May 20, 2021)
    • Fix [PRO]: ACF Repeater loop did not work on category pages.
  • 2.25.1 (May 12, 2021)
    • Fix [PRO]: Fatal error when ACF is not active.
  • 2.25.0 (May 10, 2021)
    • New [PRO]: Support ACF repeater fields in loops.
    • Fix: Overriding with descendant types did not work correctly.
    • Updated language translations.
  • 2.24.2 (Apr. 28, 2021)
    • New: Master Key support (for volume licenses).
  • 2.24.1 (Apr. 22, 2021)
    • [PRO] Fix: Overridable field wasn’t actually overridable when field type was != textfield.
    • Updated language translations.
  • 2.24.0 (Apr. 21, 2021)
    • [PRO] New: First set of Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) support. Read this post on what’s supported yet.
    • New filter: wpbuddy/rich_snippets/allowed_html
    • Fix: Arrows were converted to HTML special chars but object vars could not be accessed then.
    • Enhancement: Return field type list in alphabetical order.
  • 2.23.1 (Mar 12, 2021)
    • [Free] Setup Wizard: Fix warning when descendants are loading.
    • [Free/Pro] Setup Wizard Fix: Individual Textfield was gone when Prev button was used
  • 2.23.0 (Mar. 12, 2021)
    • New Setup Wizard.
    • Updated language translations.
  • 2.22.4 (Feb. 23, 2021)
    • [Pro] Fix: Prevent support menu counter to constantly ping the API on WP sites where transients are not working correctly.
  • 2.22.3 (Feb. 14, 2021)
    • Fix: WooCommerce: Offers field type returned LimitedAvailabilit even when stock management on a product level has been turned OFF.
  • 2.22.2 (Feb. 8, 2021)
    • [Free/Pro]: WP 5.7 compatibility: Removed old jQuery functions
    • Added feedback tool
    • Updated language translations
  • 2.22.1 (Jan. 21, 2021)
    • [Free/Pro] Fix: Global Snippet Wizard may install more than just one snippet if a schema has no dependencies.
    • [Free/Pro] Show a warning when using the Global Snippet Wizard that says that it maybe overwrite exiting schemas.
  • 2.22.0 (Jan. 18, 2021)
    • New: Global Snippets Setup Wizard
    • New: Allow to hide schemas on a per-post-basis
    • Updated language translations
  • 2.21.3 (Jan. 8, 2021)
    • [Pro, Fix] Plugin may not update to 2.21.2.
  • 2.21.2 (Jan. 8, 2021)
    • [Pro, Fix] Changed lifetime message notice was not correct at some point.
  • 2.21.1 (Dec. 26, 2020)
    • Fix: schemas could not be deleted on singular posts on some web hosts that block the DELETE request method
  • 2.21.0 (Dec. 21, 2020)
    • New: Let the user sign-up to the newsletter from the settings page.
    • [Pro] Changed lifetime message notice to something more appropriate.
    • Changed some descriptions and zpdated language translations.
  • 2.20.0 (Dec. 14, 2020)
    • New: Allow to strip old Microdata.
    • Improvement [Pro]: Deactivate license when plugin gets deactivated.
    • New [Pro]: Biweekly reminder of expired support (if turned ON).
    • Updated language translations.
  • 2.19.17 (Dec. 8, 2020)
    • Fix: Some Global Snippets will not show up if certain rules are applied.
    • Fix: Global Snippets did not show up on the frontend in the FREE version of the plugin.
  • 2.19.16 (Dec. 7, 2020)
    • Fix PHP error when plugin wanted to check rules from a Global Snippet that has been created in the PRO version
  • 2.19.15 (Dec. 7, 2020)
    • Fix: Global Snippets menu may not show up after upgrade to 2.19.14
  • 2.19.14 (Dec. 7, 2020)
    • Replaced image of the author of the plugin.
    • Updated language translations.
    • Show error when creator property is active.
    • New hooks: wpbuddy/rich_snippets/settings/setting/after and wpbuddy/rich_snippets/settings/setting/after/{$label_for}
    • Show notification if support has expired.
    • Global Snippets functionality is now in the free version as well.
  • 2.19.13 (Dec. 3, 2020)
    • Due to a mistake on my version control system, 2.19.13 is the same as 2.19.12. Version 2.19.14 will fix it in the upcoming days.
  • 2.19.12 (Nov. 27, 2020)
    • Fix: WooCommerce availability field type may show LimitedAvailability even if Stock Management has been turned off
  • 2.19.11 (Nov. 18, 2020)
    • Fix: Error messages are not shown correctly during activation process
  • 2.19.10 (Oct. 14, 2020)
    • Fix: Do not show the descendant-type select box on overwrite screen if the property has a sub-schema
    • Fix: Do not strip properties from sub-schemas if there is actual data in the database
  • 2.19.9 (Oct. 2, 2020)
    • Fix: “WooCommerce: Availability” field typed showed a number instead of the correct type. Please save your Global Snippets again if you have configured the availability in a snippet.
  • 2.19.8 (Sept. 29, 2020)
    • Fix: Snippets might not show up on frontend if plugin was activated prior 2.19.7.
    • Fix: Plugin might show a counter on the activation menu even though it has been activated already.
    • Fix: The WooCommerce Product Price and Sales Price might now shop up.
  • 2.19.7 (Sept. 23, 2020)
    • Fix: Make sure Structured Data Generator is loaded correctly, even when WordPress sends the wrong version number.
    • Fix future JavaScript crashes when Structured Data Generator cannot be loaded.
  • 2.19.6 (Sept. 23, 2020)
    • Fix issue where Structured Data Generator could not be loaded
  • 2.19.5 (Sept. 23, 2020)
    • Fix: make sure no other plugins are hooking into the same update_window_information.
    • Deactivate caching per default.
    • Updated required PHP version to 7.3.0.
    • Show counter if plugin is not active yet.
    • Fix: accessing deep array values did not work correctly.
    • Fix: Importing predefined snippets did not set the correct uid.
    • Fix: Some predefined schemas did not import correctly if they had a property-loop configured.
    • More preparation for the FREE version (the PRO version will be split up very soon).
    • Updated language translations.
  • 2.19.4 (Sept. 1, 2020)
    • Fix merge issue that caused a duplicate PHP constructor for a class.
  • 2.19.3 (Sept. 1, 2020)
    • Fix: Input field was visible even when it’s not needed.
  • 2.19.2 (Aug. 26, 2020)
    • Fixed caching issues.
    • New: Added a notice when caching plugin is installed.
    • New Hook: wpbuddy/rich_snippets/update_snippets.
    • New Hook: wpbuddy/rich_snippets/delete_snippet
    • Updated language translations.
  • 2.19.1 (Aug. 24, 2020)
    • Fix issue with direct global snippets references not being loaded
    • Fixed error on Global Snippets Overwrite Window (saying that there has been a critical error)
    • Fix: Overwriting window was not styled correctly
    • Fix: textfield did not appear for some overwritten fields
  • 2.19.0 (Aug. 19, 2020)
    • New: WooCommerce length field type.
    • New: Added Test Link to the admin bar.
    • New: Allow to add a “creator” property. Read more about it here.
    • Split code base into free and pro version.
    • Removed deprecated JSON+LD metabox from Global Snippets.
    • Updated predefined snippets (and fixed some issues with them).
    • Removed “Predefined” and “Sync” columns from Global Snipptes screen.
    • Updated language translations.
    • Fixed: Site Icon width/height was not selectable anymore.
    • Fixed: “Term Title” and “Term URL” field types did not output anything on archive pages.
  • 2.18.0 (not released to the public)
  • 2.17.12 (Jul. 23, 2020)
    • Added a force-check link as well as some new hints if plugin updates fails
    • Fix layout of support- and settings page in (upcoming) WordPress 5.5
  • 2.17.11 (Jul. 17, 2020)
    • Removed all links to the setup service
  • 2.17.10 (Jul. 1, 2020)
    • Fix: Some field types did not show up for if a property wants to see a primitive type of “Integer”
  • 2.17.9 (Jun. 25, 2020)
    • Allow to set a text field value for the businessFunction property
  • 2.17.8 (Jun. 10, 2020)
    • Fix PHP warning when the “setup service” link is clicked from the menu
    • Fix: make sure ‘the_content’ filter is applied to the content field type
  • 2.16.2 (May 11, 2020)
    • Fix for WooCommerce: availability field type. People with WooCommerce y 3.5.0
    • Fix: make sure overwritten descendant-types get overwritten correctly
  • 2.16.1 (May 7, 2020)
    • Fix issue where ‘descendant-’ was prefixed when a property with possible descendants was overwritten.
  • 2.16.0 (May 3, 2020)
    • New: Setting to allow instead of
    • Updated language translations.
  • 2.15.4 (May 3, 2020)
    • Fix: Show dropdown of descendant schema types if the sub-schema is an Enumeration
  • 2.15.3 (Apr. 24, 2020)
    • Allow to set the home URL.
    • Allow certain HTML tags in the textarea field. See
    • Added a notice to the deprecated ”@id” option in the metabox.
    • Updated language translations.
  • 2.15.2 (Apr. 23, 2020)
    • Fix: WooCommerce availability field type will now return if backorder is allowed. Will also return if low stock.
  • 2.17.7 (Jun. 9, 2020)
    • Fix: SNIPs where always put to the footer (no matter if the settings-checkbox was checked or not)
    • Allow to add WooCommerce product attributes to URL fields
  • 2.17.6 (May 28, 2020)
    • Added new formal German translation; corrected some wrong translations
    • Fix: Term Title and Term URL maybe wrong when used on archive pages and in a loop
    • Updated language translations
  • 2.17.5 (May 19, 2020)
    • Fixed a deprecated warning from YoastSEO due to code changes in version 14.x
  • 2.17.4 (May 18, 2020)
    • Fix: WooCommerce product price may not show up in configurations where the field type is in a loop and the current product is a “simple” WooCommerce product
  • 2.17.3 (May 15, 2020)
    • Fix: PHP fatal error on thumbnail fetching function
    • Fix: Prevent future PHP errors on installations with weird post-ID behavior
  • 2.17.2 (May 14, 2020)
    • Fix: Plugin did not update to 2.17.1 automatically
  • 2.17.1 (May 14, 2020)
    • Fix: make sure that the “Variable products” loop includes the single product and all grouped products, too!
  • 2.17.0 (May 12, 2020)
    • New: two new filters to allow filtering HTML tags for fields.
    • Fix: overwritten fields did not allow HTML tags.
  • 2.15.1 (Mar. 18, 2020)
    • Fix: supporting (allowing textfield and metafields)
  • 2.15.0 (Mar. 2, 2020)
    • New: added method `get_main_snippet_id()` for a better filtering using custom code.
  • 2.14.26 (Mar. 2, 2020)
    • Fix “Incorrect description of a {min,max} interval” error on MySQL version >= 8.0
  • 2.14.25 (Jan. 21, 2020)
    • Fix: make sure that filters that add data to an already overwritten fields get applied correctly
    • Updated language translations
    • Added Health Check information for outdated PHP and WP versions for future SNIP versions
    • Fix: properties of sub-schemas did not show a text field

SNIP: Structured Data Plugin for WordPress Free Download udemy courses free download

Snip is an innovative structured data plugin for WordPress that adds JSON+LD formatted snippets to your website. This is needed to help search...
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