Ruby For Programmers

The essentials of Ruby programming – without the waffle!

Ruby For Programmers
Ruby For Programmers
What you'll learn
  • Learn the essentials of Ruby programming
  • Identify Ruby’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Know How Ruby’s Object Orientation works
  • Understand key features of Ruby: modules, mixins, arrays, hashes, loops, blocks and IO





  • None (But a free Ruby interpreter and editor are required if you want to do hands-on Ruby coding)

This course is a fast introduction to the Ruby language for experienced programmers.

Maybe you are already a programmer (in some other language such as Java, C or Python) so you don't need a Ruby course that wastes time on telling you how programs work. This course gets straight down to business. It tells you what Ruby is all about, what makes it similar to other languages - and what makes it different. It explains the stuff you really need to know. It won't bog you down by trying to describe every gnarly little corner of the language. It concentrates on the essentials - with no unnecessary padding. If you need to get to grips with Ruby fast, this is the course for you.

Or maybe you've already learnt the basics of Ruby and you are looking for a quick way to revise your knowledge. With its video tutorials downloadable 'cheat-sheets' and interactive quizzes, Ruby For Programmers focuses on the most important features of Ruby and puts your knowledge to the test.

The course instructor Huw Collingbourne is the author of The Book Of Ruby. Huw has already taught over 22,000 people to program on Udemy.

Ruby is a cross-platform, object-oriented language. Ruby can not only be used for writing standalone programs but it can also be used for creating dynamic web sites thanks to web frameworks such as Rails. If you are already an experienced programmer in some other language, or if you've started learning Ruby and you need a clear, simple way to revise your knowledge, Ruby For Programmers is course for you.

Who this course is for:
  • Programmers with experience of some other language such as Python, C or Java who want to learn the essentials of Ruby quickly
  • Ruby learners – maybe you already know some Ruby and you want to revise or extend your knowledge
  • Non-programmers who need to work with Ruby developers and understand the basics






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The essentials of Ruby programming – without the waffle!