Purify and Activate your Psychic Channels

Open the doors of your perception with powerful DNA codes!

Purify and Activate your Psychic Channels
Purify and Activate your Psychic Channels
What you'll learn
  • Open, Purify and activate all your 8 psychic channels
  • Learn the function, location and use of 8 psychic channels
  • Expand your psychic abilities to new heights
  • Discover the 8 psychic channels : clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairfeeling, clairolfaction, clairgustance (claire tasting), medium channel, telepathy channel,
  • More than 30 DNA activation codes to purify, activate and enhance your psychic abilities
  • How to remain in a state of Neutrality
  • How to center your awareness in your Heart
  • How to go deeper in your psychic development



  • No prerequisite, apart of an open mind

Welcome to Purify and activate your Psychic Channels course with Demian Haye.

During these times of collective expansion we are all becoming more and more psychic. Our ability to sense and process psychic information has definitely upgraded the last decade.

But do you know that we have many psychic senses and that most of us use only few of them?

Do you know that you can purify your psychic channels and activate them at different levels?

Can you remain neutral and keep a heart centered awareness when you receive psychic intel?

Are you ready to open wide the doors of your perception?

Ready to embrace your full potential?

In this class, you will:

· Learn what are the different psychic channels:

o Clairvoyance or psychic sight

o Clairaudience to hear etheric sounds and voices

o Clair-feeling to sense etheric objects or energies

o Clair-olfaction to smell etheric fragrances

o Clair-tasting or clairgustance to taste the invisible

o Inner knowing to know things immediately

o Medium to channel invisible presences

o Telepathy to communicate remotely with non-human beings.

· Understand your preferences when it comes to use them

· Purify your Pineal and Pituitary gland

· Learn 30 DNA activation codes to purify and activate your 8 psychic channels to different levels.

· Get powerful tips to improve your clairvoyance

· Get a download for Neutrality to reach a Neutral state instantly

· Get a Heart Centered Awareness download

· Learn combinations of DNA codes to practice your Medium abilities and your clairvoyance

The DNA codes you will use have simply to be repeated 3 times out loud to trigger specific energy systems. They can be used by everyone.

After this class, you will be able to use these codes on your own, as a daily practice. I recommend focusing on one channel at a time, for example one channel a week.

If you have taken the 7 Master Glands Purification and Activation class on Udemy, then you will have many possibilities to expand even more your psychic abilities.

The most important is to keep the practice with playfulness and enthusiasm!

Your psychic abilities will make a quantum leap and your perception of reality will upgrade to a whole new level!

So join me in this psychic fun journey to open the doors of perception!




Who this course is for:
  • This course is for everyone that wants to expand their psychic abilities
  • Everyone who likes to meditate
  • Everyone who is already psychic and wants to expand their skills
  • Everyone interested in communication with spirits, angels, nature spirits, fairies..
  • Everyone who struggles in remaining Neutral when receiving psychic inputs
  • Everyone who feel they have some blocks in their psychic abilities
  • Healers who want to become more psychic to make better diagnostics
  • Everyone who feels overwhelmed by their psychic awareness and want to learn how to control it



Purify and Activate your Psychic Channels udemy courses free download

Open the doors of your perception with powerful DNA codes!