Discover and Heal your secret Energetic Anatomy !

What you'll learn
  • You will learn about your 14 healing Plexus and your energetic anatomy
  • You will learn powerful DNA activation codes to purify each of these 14 plexus
  • You will activate at different levels your 14 healing Plexus
  • You will be able to clear many different aspects of your being
  • You will learn how to clear your ancestral lineages
  • You will be able to connect in a easy way to your animal totems
  • You will learn powerful activations to fight stress and relax
  • You will be able to increase your fertility



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Welcome to this new class of Magic Vibrations Healing!

Did you know that you have 14 Healing Plexus in your energetic anatomy?

We all know our Solar Plexus but we as well have other ones that really worth exploring.

In this class, we will go through 14 different Plexus and learn their location and how to purify and activate them, by using powerful DNA activation codes that act like phonic triggers in our cells.

The 14 healing Plexus are divided in 3 categories :

  1. The 4 Internal Plexus

  2. The 3 Transpersonal Plexus

  3. The 7 External Plexus

Discover more about the mysteries of our subtle anatomy. We all know about chakras but there is so much more to play with!

By activating our different plexus, we can :

  • relax our whole body

  • tune in with the schumann resonance

  • release negative emotions

  • balance the pH of the water in our body

  • clear our ancestral lineages

  • boost our ESP abilities

  • neutralize implants

  • close the holes in our aura

  • spread our angelic wings

  • release entities from our field

  • radiate unconditional love all around us

  • clear emotional cysts

  • recharge our body in life force

  • create protection in the aura

  • connect to our totem animals and empower them

  • balance our hormones

  • activate pranic tubes below our feet

  • increase the power of our words and prayers

  • help us in Forgiving practices

  • boost our fertility

And much more...

Enjoy these meditations by repeating 3 times the DNA codes with me and allow yourself to reach expanded states of consciousness and to trigger systems in your body that you didn't know exist!

If you complete the course, there will be an extra video with combinations of codes that will open new doors for you.

Are you ready for this new journey?

Enjoy the ride!

Demian Haye


Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to be more healthy
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about their energetic anatomy and its mysteries
  • Anyone who meditates
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about healing
  • Anyone who wants to clear their energetic field to evolve faster
  • Anyone who has taken the 7 Master Glands class, the Chakra Class and the Psychic channels class and wants to ply by combining DNA codes



PURIFY AND ACTIVATE YOUR 14 HEALING PLEXUS udemy courses free download

Discover and Heal your secret Energetic Anatomy !

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