Oracle EBS Workflow Complete Tutorial - 23+ hrs

Oracle apps technical -oracle workflow training

Oracle EBS Workflow Complete Tutorial - 23+ hrs
Oracle EBS Workflow Complete Tutorial - 23+ hrs
What you'll learn
  • Design a workflow process using Oracle Workflow Builder
  • Define subscription-based processing for business events
  • Implement advanced workflow process design features
  • Respond to notifications
  • Student Will Able to Develope Difficult Workflows In Real Time
  • Studnets Will be Familiar with Most Of The Workflow Builder Components





  • Oracle Apps Technical and SQL And PL SQL

Course Name : Oracle Work Flow 

Duration : 23 Hrs + 

Course Content : 
Class1 -  Introduction and Resource Document
Class2 -  Introduction and workflow components
Class3 -  workflow builder components
Class4 -  Prerequisites for developing Ap hold release workflow
Class5 -  Sending AP Invoice Hold notification to Manager
Class6 -  Running Workflow from Front End
Class7 -  Running Workflow From Back end using API - WF_ENGINE
Class8 -  Lookup Types-uses in messages and notification
Class9 -  Item Attributes(Text) - WF_ENGINE.SetItemAttrText
Class10- Attributes(Number,Date)-SetItemAttrNumber and SetItemAttrDate
Class11- Attributes with lookup - part 1
Class12- Attribute with Lookup -Part2
Class13- Attribute with Lookup part2
Class14- Item Attribute (Role)  and Expand Role and Global application Role
Class15- Data Base Adhoc Role - CreateAdHocRole,AddUsersToAdHocRole
Class16- Database Adhoc Roles tables
Class17- Working with WF_DIRECTORY API -adduserstoadhocrole, removeusersfromadhocrole,GetRoleUsers,UserActive
Class18- Item Attribute type -FORM
Class19- Item Attribute type - URL
Class20- Working With HTML Tags
Class21- ActualWorkflowDevelopement-From Scratch 
Class22- Testing of workflow
Class23- Functions mandatory parameters
Class24- Mandatory parameters modes
Class25- Resultout -COMPLETE
Class26- Resultout -DEFERRED
Class27- Threshold - WF_ENGINE.THRESHOLD
Class28- Threshold - Part2
Class29- Deferred activity with standard function - DIFFERED THRED
Class30- Scheduling workflow for Differed activities
Class31- Funcmodes for Funtion Activities
Class32- Funcmodes-Run,Validate,Respond
Class33- Funmodes(FORWARD and TRANSFER)
Class34- Funcmodes(QUESTION,ANSWER)
Class35- Funcmodes(RETRY,SKIP)
Class36- Funcmodes(TIMEOUT)
Class37- Funcmodes(TIMEOUT)-PART2
Class38- Standard functions - ASSIGN
Class39- Standard functions - COMPAREDATE
Class40- Standard functions - COMPARENUMBER
class41- Standard Functions -COMPARETEXT
Class42- Standard Functions - LOOP COUNTER
class43-  Standard function - AND
class44-  Standard function - OR
Class45-  standardfuntion-waitforflow,contiueflow
class46-  Standard functions -WAIT
class47-  Standard Functions - Launch process
class48-  Standard Functions - WAIT Example requirement
class49-  Standard Functions - WAIT Example execution
Class50-  Exception Handing in oracle workflow procedure
class51-  Document type attribute-PLSQL Document
class52-  Document type attribute-PLSQL Document example 1
class53-  Document type attribute-Dynamic HTML Message body
class54-  Document Type attribute-BLOB and CLOB with single attachment
class55-  Document Type attribute-BLOB and CLOB with multiple  attachment
class56-  BLOB and Clob -Working with single file from server
class57-  Businessevents and subscriptions introduction
class58-  Businessevents and subscriptions -Raising PLSQL Package
class59-  Businessevents and subscriptions -custom business events
class60-  Businessevents raising using wf_event.raise
class61-  Subprocess and runnable checkbox
class62-  Subprocess With Result Type 
class63-  Workflow Access Level 

Who this course is for:
  • Only Oracle Apps (EBS) Technical Consultants Can Learn this Course






Oracle EBS Workflow Complete Tutorial - 23+ hrs udemy courses free download

Oracle apps technical -oracle workflow training

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