NoSQL: Neo4j and Cypher (Part: 2-Intermediate)

NoSQL: Neo4j - Stop Developing Databases the Hard Way!

NoSQL: Neo4j and Cypher (Part: 2-Intermediate)
NoSQL: Neo4j and Cypher (Part: 2-Intermediate)
What you'll learn
  • Spot the best Cypher commands for your project!
  • Choose the best way to Traverse your neo4j database
  • Be proficient in understanding how to use Variable length paths
  • Be an expert at working with Collections in Cypher
  • Be ready to go with Textual searches in Cypher
  • Be ready to go with using Conditional Expressions in Cypher
  • Have a great understanding of Pagination using Cypher
  • neo4j REST API is so cool you will want to use it !
  • Spot the best way to implement Pagination with the neo4j REST API





  • All course material are provided as downloadable resources
  • neo4j software is available by internet download from the neo4j web site

Social, Routing and Recommendation questions like:

"How do I know you ?"

"How do I get from London to New York ?"

and more importantly... "Where should I have dinner ?"

... are only a few of the broad range of problems that can be solved using a Graph Database like Neo4j.

"Graphs are everywhere! " - so if you have data you have a Graph!

Normal everyday kinds of questions make excellent graph questions, these kinds of questions are behind the massive web sites like;

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Ebay
  4. Yelp
  5. ... and many others !

... they have their own proprietor technology, you can use Neo4j !

With Neo4j you have the tool which allows you to answers these questions, which are really just a graph query.

So, Stop Developing Databases the Hard Way!!

I wanted to make querying graph data not only fun, but easy to learn, understand and use with this easy to follow hands on course for developers and in under 3 hours!

Neo4js' Cypher language and property graph model is easy to understand and handle, especially for object oriented and relational developers.

You can learn how to develop Neo4j databases the fast and easy way with this course:

  • Understand the best ways to Query a Graph database.
  • Become a Cypher guru!
  • Master Graph search "Patterns" with Cypher like a pro!
  • Take advantage the Intermediate and Advanced features of Cypher.
  • Take advantage of Neo4j REST API.

By the end of this part of the course, you will have a firm understanding of;

Neo4j the worlds leading open source Graph Database and the Cypher query language which brings an abundance of advantages and few if any disadvantages.

So, take your development career to the next level and future proof your career by learning about this wonderful and exiting New Technology!

Who this course is for:
  • This is an Intermediate course and Part: 1 should be completed first
  • Completed Part: 1 ? This is for you!!





NoSQL: Neo4j and Cypher (Part: 2-Intermediate) udemy courses free download

NoSQL: Neo4j - Stop Developing Databases the Hard Way!

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