Massage Professional: 15 Hours, 11 Accredited Certificates

Become a Top-Rate Pro with an International Fusion Skill Set: Hawaiian, Thai Yoga, Hot Stone, Swedish, Indian & More

Massage Professional: 15 Hours, 11 Accredited Certificates
Massage Professional: 15 Hours, 11 Accredited Certificates
What you'll learn
  • Give 15 Different Types of Massage & Earn Up to 11 CTAA Certificates.
  • Become a Successful Massage Therapist by Giving Market-Leading International Fusion Massages
  • Create and perform a wide variety of Personalized Fusion Massages, blending your choice of techniques and using your choice of equipment.
  • Optimize your Freelance Business and Marketing Strategies with our eBook.
  • Whether you are a beginner, lover or pro: enjoy the benefits of a truly sophisticated touch.
  • Transform any oil-based massage into an Aromatherapy Massage, using your choice of 52 Essential Oils.
  • Perform an effective 9-minute 'Back Rub', integrating an array of professional techniques, ideal for social settings when you have no equipment.
  • Perform a relaxing 20-minute Back Massage on a bed, ideal for beginners and couples.
  • Perform a 55-minute full-body Swedish Massage at a professional standard.
  • Perform a 90-minute full-body Thai Yoga Massage at a professional standard.
  • Perform a 65-minute Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage at a professional standard.
  • Perform a 45-minute Indian Head Massage at a professional standard.
  • Perform a 25-minute Deep Tissue & 40-minute Sports Massage; although this may be considered at a professional standard, these are simple treatments aimed at providing general benefits, such as relieving knots and muscle tension. In-depth injury/sports rehabilitation theory is beyond the scope of this course.
  • Perform a 40-minute Hot Stone Massage at a professional standard.
  • Perform an 11-minute Hand Massage at a professional standard.
  • Perform a 15-minute Foot Massage at a professional standard, including the use of Hot Stone techniques.
  • Perform a simple 17-minute Chair / Seated Back Massage at a professional standard.
  • Perform a 40-minute Rhythmic Thai Massage at a professional standard.
  • Perform a 15-30 minute simple Zen Shiatsu treatment at the level of a basic practitioner - specific Meridian theory takes years to learn and is beyond the scope of this course.



  • No prior massage knowledge or skill is needed to complete this course.
  • Although most techniques can be performed on a bed or floor, some techniques can logistically only be performed on a massage table or massage chair.
  • You will need a device and internet connection to stream videos and read or print the Course Book (PDF format).

Become a Top-Rate Massage Therapist

'Massage Professional' is a detailed Video Course teaching a wide range of international massage styles and how to creatively mix them.

After three years in production, we believe this single resource is the best way to obtaining a world-class massage skill set, enabling learners to provide market-leading, original signature treatments.

We spent years of our lives, travelled the world, and it cost us over $12,000 in tuition fees (plus thousands more in travelling costs) to learn these skills... which we now share for less than 1% of the original price, making this an incredible investment.

15 Styles of Massage, 15+ Hours of Footage filmed in 4 countries, 3 eBooks and 11 CTAA-Accredited Certificates in 11 Different Types of Massage

We provide more resources, knowledge, practical skills and qualifications than any other online massage course. Many of our students say they have had a better experience with us than with traditional, real-life schools.

This course features the beautiful, critically-acclaimed musical work of Silvertortoise, Chad Lawson, Technical Pillow, Technical Thoughts, and Aneek Thapar.

Course Content: 

Please note: many popular massage courses on Udemy claim to be a certain number of hours, but provide the same content in slightly re-packaged form to make the course seem more substantial than it really is. We do not do this. The following is an exact list of our narrated tutorials and demonstrations:

Back Rub (9 min) 
Massage on a Bed (20 min) 
Swedish Full-Body (54 min) 
Thai Yoga (96 min) 
Deep Tissue (25 min, basic) 
Sports (38 min, basic) 
Hawaiian (67 min) 
Hot Stone (45 min) 
Indian Head (46 min) 
Hand (12 min) 
Foot (47 min) 
Rhythmic Thai (43 min) 
Seated Back / Chair (17 min, basic)
Zen Shiatsu (45 min, basic).
Fusion Massages (non-narrated), approx. 4 hours: table fusion, hot stone fusion, deep Indian fusion, back rub fusion & seated back fusion. 

3 eBooks:

Freelance Massage Success
This guide shows new or experienced massage therapists how to optimize their business strategies, particularly by analyzing the market for a particular niche, capitalizing on all available opportunities. Unlike many online marketing gurus, we do not make definite claims that we can't back up, but we illustrate the analytical mindset and the focus on optimization that it takes to give your massage business the absolute best chance of success.  This guide is only 47 pages; it is deliberately concise, because your time is a resource which should not be wasted.

Essential Aromatherapy
This aromatherapy book includes a quickstart guide on how to starting using essential oils quickly and effectively, as well as advice on 52 essential oils, enabling you to create your own blends and personalize them for your clients. Learn how to turn any massage into an aromatherapy massage, adding another dimension to the treatment experience.

Massage Professional
This is a companion book for the 15+ hours of videos. The first 10,000 words explore massage in general; topics such as the mind set and psychological approach to massage are explored, exploring topics such as Zen mindfulness and improvisation. We then give detailed written instructions for each massage tutorial, as well as brief tutorial notes for the purposes of convenient revision.

We May Award 11 CTAA-Accredited Insurable Certificates in the Following Types of Massage*:

Swedish Full-Body
Hawaiian Lomilomi
Thai Yoga
Rhythmic Thai
Indian Head
Hot Stone
Deep Tissue
Zen Shiatsu (Practical)
Hand & Foot (Basic)
International Fusion

*These will be awarded after students have watched the relevant materials, have fully learned the health and safety guidelines for massage and completed 10 practice treatments for any individual massage. Students must fill in and send us the completed treatment plans. Success in gaining a certificate is not guaranteed; we have a duty to protect the public against bad practice.

Our certificates are insurable in the UK & EU but please check the law in your country for practising professional massage. If you wish to practise professional massage via our certificates, it is very important to check that CTAA certificates are insurable in your country and to check the law in your country to see if online certificates are recognised.

Please note: certificates are not available during the 30-day trial period. Please message us with any questions.

This course is not suitable for those who simply want to rush learning massage. Although we provide a huge amount of content, we encourage our students to learn one style of massage at a time; approaching them all at once and expecting professional quality results overnight is both unrealistic and unsafe. As such, once again, if certification, and especially rapid certification, are important reasons for your purchase, message us with any queries before you buy and start practising.

Also note that our lecture on certificates is available to preview for free.

The Ebodhi Approach to Massage

We are perfectionists and consider massage 50% art, 50% science. We first teach a routine in each tradition, so that the style of massage is learned thoroughly and can be repeated with professional-quality results.

We then reject the boundaries between different traditions of massage, and demonstrate how anyone can blend the best of the traditions together, creating unique international fusion treatments.  

The general public are very used to massage treatments that fit in a box, for example, a '60-minute Swedish Massage' or a '30-minute Indian Head Massage'. These are the kinds of traditional, limited treatments that most spas and freelance therapists offer.

Unfortunately, most therapists and spas struggle to make much money from selling the same massages as everyone else. They often resort to cutting their prices, damaging their earning potential, as well as the customer's perception of their service.

It is much more valuable to offer a completely different, unique, or even one-of-a-kind massage experience. 

We, Bradley and Pete, the therapists behind Ebodhi, have built very successful freelance careers in extremely competitive markets (London and Bristol, UK), and we have been able to do this because we both learned many styles of massage, but also did not allow ourselves to become limited by any of them.

We embrace the artistic nature of massage and touch itself, and utilize the full breadth of our knowledge to perform fully personalized massages that transcend cultural boundaries. Each massage that we give is naturally unique; only Bradley massages like Bradley; only Pete massages like Pete.

We only rarely perform basic treatments such as '60-minute Swedish massage'; we perform sophisticated treatments such as 'Swedish-Thai fusion massage with hot stones and elements of Hawaiian'.

The contrast between providing an original experience, or that which is the same as provided by the competition, can often be the difference between a lucrative, fulfilling and long-term career, or a short-term, marketing-focused struggle, quickly abandoned out of necessity.

We want our students to enjoy their careers, and we are always here to answer any questions. However, since we spent so long filming, writing and getting feedback when making our course, it seems as if our students are never confused - and we are very proud of this!

The 'Massage Professional' course has been designed for:

1)  New massage careers - most therapists unfortunately fail to really get off the ground after training. 'Massage Professional' starts from the very basics but also provides a complete, comprehensive, high-end skill set that should give a new massage career with an advantageous kick-start. Please note that succeeding in any industry will, of course, always require dedication, and we always suggest that therapists get into this work for the love of these healing arts, and of people -- not for the money!
2) This course is accessible for people who have no prior knowledge of massage and you can dip into it as you wish. If you wish to enrich your life with a professional touch, then this course is highly recommended, but you may find one of our other course options more affordable if your goals are quite casual.
3) Professionals who want to learn new styles of massage, expand their skill set, and find inspiration for fusion massage should find this course very useful.

The Ebodhi Approach to Teaching
We believe that learning through well-explained video tutorials are the best way to learn massage. Traditional, real-life classes are expensive and inconvenient; it is difficult to find the time and the money, while teachers are often inconsistent in quality. You are forced to learn at a set time and at a set pace; it is easy for your notes to become disorganised, to feel self-conscious about asking questions, and to forget what you are told. 

However, many online courses often leave something to be desired... They fail to provide enough camera angles, and the teachers often improvise their lessons, speaking off the top of their heads.

'Massage Professional' is different. We wrote 30,000 words of written explanation, as well as a meticulously-edited script to accompany our 15 hours of video footage, which we filmed in beautiful locations around Morocco, England and Croatia. We wanted our students to always see the best angle, to always hear the best explanation, while enjoying serene scenery and relaxing music. We devoted years of our lives (and our life-savings) to create the superlative massage-learning resource.

How is this Course Structured?

Dip into the video lessons and three eBooks as you wish. Learning freedom is yours: pick and choose what and when you want to to learn, according to your own interests and schedule.

Comprehensive guidance is provided through narrated tutorial videos which explain massage treatments (performed in real time) from start to finish. International scenery, professional voice over, and a wide range of music help make the learning experience as pleasant as possible.

Additional non-narrated demonstration videos illustrate how fusion massages can be designed. These videos are here to give you ideas about how you can put your new techniques to use in a personalized way.

Please note that our approach to teaching Practical Zen Shiatsu is slightly different: for this unique discipline, we provide a 45-minute minute tutorial discussing theory and practice, and then a separate 15-minute non-narrated real-time demonstration. 

Note on Price: We currently have no intentions for this course to participate in future Udemy discount promotions as it has already been priced to give great value. This course was is the result of years of study, filming, writing, and investments, in an ambitious effort to make it a comprehensive learning resource for international massage styles and fusion treatments.

Despite the fact the other courses on Udemy cost less, we are still one of the best-reviewed courses because this content is so substantial, ambitious and meticulously crafted.

We also feel maintaining the same price each day for our flagship products is the fairest way to do business.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee and we are happy to answer any questions before purchase to help ensure that this is the right course for you personally.

Note, if you have difficulties understanding spoken English: we are currently in the process of updating our subtitles, correcting the often inaccurate auto-generated subtitles to edited, accurate subtitles. We expect the full course to be accurately sub-titled by 24 May 2020. We appreciate your patience.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn these massages at a high standard (particularly professionals and people who want to do massage professional).
  • Anyone with an interest in Fusion massage.
  • While this course provides 10 accredited certificates, please be aware of the relevant massage law in your own country.




Massage Professional: 15 Hours, 11 Accredited Certificates udemy courses free download

Become a Top-Rate Pro with an International Fusion Skill Set: Hawaiian, Thai Yoga, Hot Stone, Swedish, Indian & More