Launch your career as a Professional Mind Coach -Certificate

Learn how to develop subconscious training applications for sports, mental health, wellness, meditation & float centers

Launch your career as a Professional Mind Coach -Certificate
Launch your career as a Professional Mind Coach -Certificate
What you'll learn
  • You will graduate as a certified ISM Mind Coach with all the skills required to conduct your practice
  • This course will skill you to create mind coaching resources for use in your practice or for sale online




  • Students should possess basic computer and English language skills.
  • You will need to have an open mind and have a willingness to learn.

Here's a chance to take your place in the fast growing, lucrative field of professional Mind Coaching. 

Unlike psychological counselling, life coaching and other talk therapies, subconscious mind training goes straight to the cause of the issue, to focus in on the process and retrain the brain to act in different ways. Whether it's choosing the wrong foods, lighting up cigarettes, abusing drugs or alcohol, flunking out of exams, clamming up in social situations or wanting to perform better on the track, the golf course or the playing field, the subconscious mind is ultimately in charge.    

Mind coaches are currently in demand by major sporting organizations, business groups and by the general public. As a skilled mind coach, you can work from home or travel the world, alongside professional sports teams or be in the company of celebrities and the wealthy.

You can change the direction of your professional life right now, just by enrolling in this course. Your skills are in wide demand because you deliver results like nothing else can. You might conduct a consultancy, you may choose to open a coaching practice and meet with clients face to face and you can always choose to produce products that can be marketed worldwide via the internet. It's your choice how you spend your days.   

In this 'Fast Start' master course is all you need -  you will quickly acquire the skills to begin a highly lucrative client practice: 

  • For mind retraining of athletes, 

  • For drug-free behaviour management and 

  • For wellness and general performance enhancement. 

It will also equip you to competently develop unique and effective mixed media applications for sale online and direct sale at retail outlets.   

Upon completion of the course, you'll also be awarded a professional coaching certificate that you can proudly display.   

We'll cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Essentials of human behaviour

  • Understanding brain functions

  • Therapeutic hypnosis and entrainment techniques

  • Voice development

  • Audio production including the specialized ISM methods

  • Equipping your business 

  • Organizations to join to promote yourself and build credibility

  • and over 40 downloadable valuable resources you can use 

This is a professional level career course - you'll receive thorough, ground-up training from an expert in all aspects of client evaluation, session creation, ethical & legal implications, branding & packaging. It will provide the groundwork for good, profitable practice management anywhere in the world. 

You'll learn how to identify and penetrate target markets, how to promote your practice and how to market your products and services worldwide.   

You'll get the following included in your course:

  • An elegant certificate suitable for framing

  • Comprehensive course notes

  • Lots of valuable sound files

  • All the essential client forms

  • Over 200 pages of voice scripts

And you'll be authorized to use the patented ISM (interhemispheric synchronic mediation) logo in all your productions as well - it's the basis of products like the best-selling progilfIQ and feelgoodIQ sessions and it's use is exclusive to all graduates of this course.

Dr. Jason Gregg has over 50 years of worldwide experience as a peak performance mind coach, developing and marketing highly effective and profitable programs in a wide range of areas including elite sports, addiction management, behaviour control including smoking cessation and weight loss, memory and learning, pain reduction and general enhancement of all aspects of human performance. 

He is an expert in this field and currently holds patents in the unique application of brainwave entrainment to manage human response. His programs are widely used by elite and amateur athletes and sporting teams, and his methods have been the basis of many 'stop smoking', weight loss and other successful behaviour management businesses.   

Who this course is for:
  • Adults who wish to enter the exciting and emerging field of mind coaching
  • Whether you are already in a similar role and wish to expand your skills or you are considering entering the mind coaching profession, this course is for you




Launch your career as a Professional Mind Coach -Certificate udemy courses free download

Learn how to develop subconscious training applications for sports, mental health, wellness, meditation & float centers

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