Introduction to Mental Health-Certificate

A Comprehensive Overview

Introduction to Mental Health-Certificate
Introduction to Mental Health-Certificate
What you'll learn
  • Define mental health and mental illness
  • Describe the causes, symptoms and treatments for various mental health issues
  • Understand how mental health issues are assessed
  • State the ways that people with mental health issues can be supported professionally and empathically
  • Understand the link between mental health and homelessness
  • Describe causes, symptoms and treatments for depression
  • Describe causes, symptoms and treatments for anxiety



  • There are no prerequisites for joining the course, no previous knowledge or expewrience is needed...just an interest in mental health and/or a need to learn about mental health issues.

150 students in 28 countries!!! This is a comprehensive introduction to the area of mental health, suitable for anyone with an interest in the area of mental health and illness.  It is especially suitable for staff who work with people experiencing mental ill health, or for people with friends or family members who experience mental ill health.  Comprised of PowerPoint focused presentations, face to face presentations, audio files, handouts and recommended articles for further information.  The course does not require that the student have any previous knowledge or experience in the area of mental health, just an interest or a need to know.

Who this course is for:
  • People who work in mental health or social care services
  • People with family members or friends with mental health issues
  • People who themselves have mental health issues and want to understand better
  • People undergoing counselor training
  • People studying psychology




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A Comprehensive Overview

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