Introduction to Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Equine therapy & Mental health

Introduction to Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
Introduction to Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
What you'll learn
  • define animal assisted therapy, equine assisted learning, equine assisted psychotherapy, and hippotherapy
  • Discern when and where equine psychotherapy may be used
  • List and describe three common approaches used in equine psychotherapy




  • Students should have an interest in equine psychotherapy
  • There are a couple of reflection exercises so a pen/pencil and paper might come in handy.
  • Access to YouTube is important as some of the questions are based on the resources section and videos watched.

Did you know that horses have been used for riding for many centuries? That's pretty common knowledge. But did you know that horses have also been used to treat people suffering from various illnesses and psychological challenges dating back to ancient Greek civilization?

Equine assisted psychotherapy is a wonderful adjunct therapy used by mental health professionals and various human service professionals ranging from such diverse fields as justice to education to business to healthcare!

This course is intended for you whether you desire to learn more about equine assisted therapy, if you wish to begin practicing in this field or if you are a practitioner wanting to know about alternative options to refer your clients. If you are someone seeking an alternative type of therapy or learning experience, this course may be just what you are looking for so that you can make an informed decision concerning what type of equine therapy makes sense for you.


Who this course is for:
  • This course is intended for human service and mental health professionals who wish to learn more about animal assisted therapies, particularly equine assisted psychotherapy.
  • This course may also be beneficial for individuals seeking alternative approaches to their own mental health needs.




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Equine therapy & Mental health

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