Herbalism :: Introduction & Medicine Making [Certificate]

Take charge of your health by learning to use herbal medicine that you make yourself. It's easy, effective and safe.

Herbalism :: Introduction & Medicine Making [Certificate]
Herbalism :: Introduction & Medicine Making [Certificate]
What you'll learn
  • Create highly effective tinctures, vinegar extracts and glycerites.
  • Perfect healing herbal-infused oils for topical applications.
  • Brew several different types of beneficial medicinal tea.
  • Craft professional looking salves with outstanding medicinal value.
  • Benefit from healing poultices and compresses.
  • Enjoy great tasting medicinal honeys and syrups.




  • This is an introductory course for anyone. Supplies and ingredients are minimal.

Become a part of this growing movement towards increased personal health, more self-reliance and taking a central role in your own wellbeing. Join over 20,000 students in this best-selling Herbalism :: Introduction & Medicine Making Course, offered to help you bring herbal medicine into your own home.

Plants provide some of our most valuable medicine!

The World Health Organization states that more than 80% of people on earth use herbs as their primary form of medicine. Additionally, many of the pharmaceuticals we are familiar with are derived directly from plants.

Discover this important mode of healing and learn how you can incorporate herbs into your life for optimum health.   


In this Herbalism :: Introduction & Medicine Making Course, you will get a practical understanding of what herbalism is and how it works. You’ll gain skills you can use for everyday life as well as a necessary foundation if you decide to dig deeper into the exploration of herbal medicine. By the end of the course you will be able to make several different types of herbal medicine that you can use for your health and wellbeing.   

Making these remedies is really quite simple. They are exceptionally effective. You will never find better quality herbal medicine than what you make yourself.   

This course also covers core issues of herbalism such as safety considerations, understanding how to recognize herbal quality and the sustainability of medicinal plants. Although the primary focus of this course is how to make herbal medicines, it touches briefly on the uses of over 20 plants. For in-depth details of growing medicinal plants, plant identification in the wild, or specific remedies, check out other courses I offer to pick the particular topic that is right for you.


Benefits of herbal medicine:

  • Herbs are readily available to everyone, whether you grow, harvest or purchase them

  • Herbs can be helpful for specific diseases, as prevention or for energy and vitality

  • Herbs can support other forms of medicine and ways of healing

  • Herbal medicines are easy and inexpensive to make as well as easy to use

  • Herbs are very effective and safe with good instruction


As your instructor, I have over 20 years experience of working with plant medicines and teaching about their amazing virtues. I'm passionate about the subject. I'm also the top selling instructor in herbalism on Udemy. You will have my support along the way, getting answers to your questions regarding the course material. (Please note, I'm unable to give individual medical advice or answer questions unrelated to course content).

I'm deeply honored that you are here. I know you’ll find this course truly empowering so join in learning about the healing power of plants.

What students are saying about the course:

"This course is crisp and clean. It’s to the point without wasting time. Videos are easy to watch and informative. I highly recommend it to anyone with the slightest interest in Herbalism!"

"After finishing the course, I find it very inspiring and useful. It helps to see the instructor really performing the tasks - a picture (or video here) is worth a thousand words. There are many helpful details that would not even occur to me to ask about. The Q&A section works great! I am immediately putting the new knowledge to practice, referring back to the lessons for details. Thank you!"

"Wonderful course that is taught by an experienced herbalist. This is THE place to start when you want to be a herbalist."

You have lifetime access to the course so you can take as long or short as you wish to go through the material. You can replay the videos at anytime using the course as an ongoing reference. You also have a 30 day money back guarantee.


Who this course is for:
  • Those interested in preventative care as well as those interested in healing themselves and their loved ones.
  • Those interested in empowering their health and wellbing.
  • Those interested in herbalism and herbal medicine.




Herbalism :: Introduction & Medicine Making [Certificate] udemy courses free download

Take charge of your health by learning to use herbal medicine that you make yourself. It's easy, effective and safe.