A to Z of Azure Network services - Covers AZ 300, 103 & more

The most comprehensive course on Azure networking services with lots of lab demonstrations

A to Z of Azure Network services - Covers AZ 300, 103 & more
A to Z of Azure Network services - Covers AZ 300, 103 & more

A to Z of Azure Network services - Covers AZ 300, 103 & more udemy course free download

The most comprehensive course on Azure networking services with lots of lab demonstrations

What you'll learn:

  • Design & deploy virtual networks, subnets
  • Configure network security groups using service tags and application security groups
  • Create user defined routes, multiple NIC's, IP Address configuration
  • Configure availability sets and deploy zone based and zonal based services
  • Configure load balancer for internet load balancing, create NAT rules, configuration of Backend Pools & health probes and monitoring
  • Configure application gateway for URL path based routing, multi site hosting, Web application firewall and monitoring
  • Configure traffic manager with priority, performence, weight and geographic routing methods and use nested profiles
  • Establish peering, point to site, VPN to VPN, site to site VPN connection
  • Connect Azure virtual network with AWS VPC
  • Delivering hybrid applications/solutions network connectivity
  • Use network watcher and network performance monitor to monitor network performance
  • Create and configure Azure Public DNS and Private DNS zones



  • Basic understading of Azure & computer network knowledge


01 - 08 - 2019:  New lectures on Network monitoring ( Network watcher, Traffic analytics & Network performance monitor) and Azure DNS has been added.

Microsoft Azure is the fastest growing cloud platform in the world. One of the key building blocks of Microsoft Azure is its network services. This course is designed to help you to build strong foundation & provide hands on experience in Microsoft Azure network services.

This course covers azure network skills required for AZ 300 and 103  Microsoft certification exams

This course has been designed with an architectural approach. Firstly I will give you an overview of Azure network services architecture and after this introduction, I will take you through  following azure services

  1. Virtual network & subnets - 10,000 feet overview of Azure Network services; Create virtual networks & subnets and deploy a VM into virtual network.


  2. Filter traffic - Network security group - Create network security group(NSG), create inbound & outbound rules, apply them at subnet levels, deploy the virtual machines in subnets and test NSG rules. Configure NSG rules using Application security groups and service tags.


  3. Route traffic - NIC, IP Addresses, User defined routes - Understand public and private IP addresses; Network Interfaces; Adding multiple NICs to VM and Multiple IP configurations; Create and configure user defined routes.


  4. High availability services - Create and configure availability sets, Zone services and Zonal services.


  5. Load balancer - Configuration of frontend IP configuration, backend pool creation, health probes creation, configure load balancing rules, configure NAT rules, automatic reconfiguration & monitoring of  the load balancer


  6. Application gateway - Creation of application gateway, HTTP traffic load balancing, URL path based routing, multi site hosting, enable web application firewall and test the same, monitoring of application gateway


  7. Traffic manager - Creation of traffic manager profile, add end points, load balance traffic based on performance, priority, weight and geographic routing methods.


  8. Connectivity scenarios - Configure point to site VPN connection, VPN - VPN connection, Site to site VPN connection, Azure apps connection with VMs on Azure and finally connect Azure virtual network with Amazon web services virtual private cloud


  9. Delivering hybrid solutions/applications connectivity - Introduction to App service plan and App service environment; Hybrid applications/solutions connectivity options; Lab demo on P2S VPN connectivity with Azure app service;App service environment connectivity; Introduction to hybrid connections; Lab demo on Hybrid connections and Hybrid connections manager.


  10. Network security - Introduction to network security controls, implementation of Azure firewall in hub and spoke model, implementation of network security & application security groups, configuration of service end points and policies, introduction to remote access management options and implementation of Windows Admin centre to remote desktop into Azure VM.


  11. Network Monitoring - Introduction to Azure network monitoring and diagnostics; Use Network watcher tools to diagnose network related issues; Introduction to network performance monitor capabilities ; Setup, configure and use performance monitor & service connectivity monitor.


  12. DNS - Introduction to Azure Public and Private DNS. Create Azure Public DNS zone and delegate domain into Azure. Create a private DNS and connect virtual networks and create custom domain labels to VMs.

This course contains both theory lectures and a significant number of labs that helps you in gaining hands-on experience in key Azure network related services.

Microsoft Azure is a constantly evolving platform and I will be keep close watch on Azure announcements and add new labs wherever possible.

So, start taking this course and put yourself in high demand in the world of IT and command higher salary!!!

Who this course is for:

  • Infrastructure developers
  • Infrastructure architects
  • Network specialists & administrators

Course Details:

  • 12 hours on-demand video
  • 1 article
  • 24 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

A to Z of Azure Network services - Covers AZ 300, 103 & more udemy courses free download

The most comprehensive course on Azure networking services with lots of lab demonstrations
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