Complete React Native bootcamp - Build 18 iOS & Android app

Includes Redux, firebase and lots of projects

Complete React Native bootcamp - Build 18 iOS & Android app
Complete React Native bootcamp - Build 18 iOS & Android app

What you'll learn:

  • Complete React Native app development
  • Learn to build 20 project from basic to advance
  • Learn Redux state management in react native app
  • Learn about API, CAMERA, SOUND and other mobile features
  • Learn about local storage in mobile apps
  • Learn about Firebase - An online real time database



  • Basics of Javascript is required like loops, function, arrays, arrow function etc.
  • This course is NOT dependent on reactjs
  • A decent laptop/desktop that can open code editor like VSCode
  • No high end system is required as you can run all apps in your real mobile phone


Let’s start the discussion with some most obvious questions:

What is prerequisite for this course?

Before starting this course, we assume that you are comfortable with javascript. Things like loops, functions, array and arrow functions are clear to you.

Is react native related to reactJS?

This course was designed in a way that student can start directly with this course. There is no need for reactJS for this course. But if you do have reactjs knowledge, that’s great.


Do I need high end laptop/desktop for this course?

This is one great thing with react native. Throughout this course, we will be working with VSCode and you can run apps in mobile phone (real device). Don’t worry, process is covered in the course.


Is redux included?

Yes, of course. and includes firebase, Camera API, sound etc too.


What apps we will be creating in this course?

So many apps.

DiceRoller, CurrencyConverter, TicToeToe, Scratch and win, Photo clicker, Employee App, User API, Authentication, Message Board, Chat app, Contact App etc.


What is react native?

React native is a project by Facebook (open source), used to design Android and iOS apps with single code apps. One more amazing thing about react native is hot reloading which makes app development time faster.

Working with react native is super fun. This course is 1 stop solution to learn react native.


Here are some kind words by our students:

i really loved the approach in which the instructor taught i,e to go with the documentation. He actually teaches you how to learn new things. i just loved the course.

— Surabhi Nirgudwar

This course is one of the best course have ever done. The tutor is also the best tutor have ever encounter. I love how he was able to carry everybody along, i understood everything in this course and i look forward in doing more course from you.

— Deborah

very straight forward, covers everything (including minor details), easy to follow and understand

— Cara


Catch you inside the course!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners in mobile app development
  • Beginner in Android development
  • Beginners in iOS development
  • Students who are looking for a 1 stop solution for mobile development using react native


Course Details:

  • 21.5 hours on-demand video
  • 1 article
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

Complete React Native bootcamp - Build 18 iOS & Android app udemy courses free download

Includes Redux, firebase and lots of projects