Calisthenics Masterclass for Beginners

Become fit and improve your health with minimal equipment even at home!

Calisthenics Masterclass for Beginners
Calisthenics Masterclass for Beginners
What you'll learn
  • Perform the basic calisthenics movements
  • Create your own routines and workout sets
  • Exercise in a safe and secure manner
  • Implement advanced scientific training techniques
  • Get stronger and lose body fat in a simple and effective way
  • Prepare for the intermediate level of calisthenics
  • Exercising at home



  • Positive mindset to self-development
  • Determination to become fit, healthy and to increase your mobility
  • No prior sports experience required or assumed
  • No equipment needed, but resistance-bands and parallettes are recommended

Learn how to effectively move through space and become fit while doing it. This course is for anybody who wants to improve their strength, flexibility, mobility, motor skills and lose fat. Here you will find bodyweight workouts by the president of Dutch Calisthenics Federation. The course is built around the fundamentals of calisthenics, bodyweight workout and functional fitness, aiming to improve your body and lifestyle as efficiently as possible, helping you master the fundamental bodyweight exercises.

Who this course is for:
  • Complete beginners wanting to increase their flexibility, strength and balance
  • This course is not intended to treat any medical conditions nor is not a replacement for medical attention from a medical professional
  • People with limited resources
  • People of all ages
  • Anyone looking to improve their fitness, health and physical strength
  • Men and women who want to lose weight and burn fat
  • Anyone who would like to begin with calisthenics or functional fitness
  • People who want to workout from home



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Become fit and improve your health with minimal equipment even at home!