Amazon s3 Mastery - THE How-To' Guides For Amazon S3

*UPDATED 2020* Amazon S3 & AWS are Easy Once You Know How. Follow My Step-By-Step Guides & Master Amazon S3 Quickly.

Amazon s3 Mastery - THE How-To' Guides For Amazon S3
Amazon s3 Mastery - THE How-To' Guides For Amazon S3

Amazon s3 Mastery - THE How-To' Guides For Amazon S3 udemy course free download:

What you'll learn:

  • Host a website on Amazon s3
  • Create a secure s3 bucket and add files to it
  • Prevent hotlinking (stealing bandwidth) of your Amazon s3 files
  • Understand the pricing & costs of using Amazon s3 plus guesstimate your costs.
  • Add Amazon s3 hosted videos to your WordPress or HTML websites that will securely play in ANY browser
  • Navigate around the Amazon AWS management console like a pro
  • Create an IAM user with admin permissions which will add extra layer of security to your s3 buckets
  • Manage & encrypt your s3 files with all FREE tools
  • Disguise or Mask s3 URL with cName



  • An Amazon(dot)com account is helpful but not mandatory. I walk you through the entire signup process in Lecture #4


*UPDATED 2020* Master the basics of properly setting up & securing your Amazon s3 account. Forget having to spend days researching outdated YouTube videos or going through nearly impossible to understand documents from the Amazon AWS 'Help' section.

Learn how simple it is to host your website on s3. Stream your s3 hosted videos without worrying about someone stealing them. Plus Much More!

Stop Struggling and Start SUCCEEDING with Amazon s3

In this course, you will learn the basics of setting up your Amazon AWS account the right way.

  • *How To Use FREE 3rd Party Tools To Manage Your Amazon s3 Files - Mac or PC

  • *Discover What A Bucket Policy Is & How To Put It To Use

  • *Prevent Your Download Files From Getting Passed Around

  • *Prevent People From Stealing Your Bandwidth (Hotlinking)

  • *Fully Understand The Costs Related To Having An Amazon s3 Account

Amazon s3 is or should be an important tool in your online business toolbox. The problem is the enormous learning curve you need to deal with in order to get any of the basic benefits like increasing site speed & security while decreasing the bandwidth costs.

My name is Steve Dougherty and I've been an s3 user since 2008. Over the years I've had many headaches due to the difficulty of locating answers to the many questions I had about my Amazon AWS s3 account.

I eventually came up with the solutions, & in most cases I developed shortcuts along the way.

I've taught 100's of people how to master the basics of Amazon s3.

The first Amazon s3 training course I created was back in 2009, shortly after I began mastering it myself. Over the years, Amazon s3 has changed and I've developed even more tips & shortcuts to help cut that learning curve down to almost nothing.

As a result, you will not have to deal with the trial & error nor the headaches that I had to struggle with.

These 30+ lectures are 2019 fresh.

I take pride in the quality of your training. So you will Not Hear Any 'UM-BUTS' OR 'BUT-UMS' in these videos. Part of my goal with your training is quality content and enjoyable delivery.

It doesn't matter how great the content is if you can't stand the audio.

This course is a series of over-the-shoulder style video screen captures that detail everything from introducing you to Amazon AWS & Amazon s3 and signing up for your free first year of AWS & Amazon s3, to securely hosting your website and streaming your videos from Amazon s3.

You'll discover tricks like how to create time expiring URLs using FREE 3rd party tools that are shown to you step-by-step with no techie stone left unturned.

Upon completion of this course, you'll be able to easily navigate through the otherwise confusing AWS management console. You'll know why and how to create additional users & groups and assign specific permissions (policies) to each of them.

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs, Online Business Owners & anyone wanting to economically & securely speed up the delivery of files they have online - videos, zip-files, PDFs & images.
  • This Amazon s3 How To Video course is mainly for the novice s3 user but I've included several tips and shortcuts that can benefit the intermediate s3 user.
  • If you are an advanced Amazon s3 user or looking for a course to pass the AWS Certification exam then this is NOT for you.

Course Details:

  • 3.5 hours on-demand video
  • 3 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

Amazon s3 Mastery - THE How-To' Guides For Amazon S3 udemy courses free download

*UPDATED 2020* Amazon S3 & AWS are Easy Once You Know How. Follow My Step-By-Step Guides & Master Amazon S3 Quickly.

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